Medic Global is an innovative buildings concept dedicated to medical professionals, paramedical and health-related businesses. These buildings can house on the ground floor an analytical laboratory, a radiology practice, a pharmaceutical dispensary, speciality health stores...

The floors are designed to accommodate

medical practices : general and specialist medicine (cardiology, pulmonology, ophtalmology, pediatrics, gyneacology, dermatology, ENT…)
dental facilities, laser centres, esthetic surgery...
all medical and paramedical professions (physiotherapists, osteopaths, nutritionists, psychologists, midwives, speech therapists…)
  • Low energy buildings 
  • Spaces guaranteeing the confidentiality of consultations via high sound insulation
  • Interiors capable of receiving complex medical and technical facilities
  • Customised equipment (electricity, air conditioning, water, shower…)
  • Spaces of multi-sensory relaxation
  • Additional waiting rooms on each level, educational space dedicated to health
  • The medic lounge : meeting rooms with video conferencing

• Easy access : drop-off, parking, stretcher-lift for people with reduced mobility

• Served by public transport

• The presence of several medical and paramedical disciplines under one roof to optimise and facilitate the patient's visit

• Ergonomic waiting lounges, educational displays

• Male and female toilets, including for disabled persons, on each floor

• Changing tables


Our Concept

Are you a Local Community ?

The uniqueness of Medic Global begins with a warm, friendly welcome from a health-trained receptionist and continues in :

In response to patient's views we offer :

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What are the advantages of Medic Global® for you?


- Work with a group specialising in health, a private partner to local authorities

- Benefit from the strength of a national network and a registered trademark

- Be part of the urban development of the community

- Respect the balance of local medical practices

- Attract additional medical practices

- Make an offer of multi-disciplinary health


Secure a guarantee of the programme's proper completion and the permanent presence of Medic Global® in the life of building. With a political, economic, health and social dimension, medic center meets the needs of communities in relation to health.